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Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

June 26, 2015


When you start working out, you feel like you could pass out anytime, especially if you’re working hard, but in your mind you are looking forward to the day when you will be able to do what you are doing … Read More

The Most Demanding Weightlifting Exercises!

June 21, 2015


Weightlifting is undoubtedly a great way to stay in shape and improve both your physical and mental toughness.  Additionally, it contributes to a more efficient metabolic rate, as well as better hormonal balance.  Another fact that makes weightlifting a great … Read More

A Navy Seal or a Bodybuilder – You Decide!

April 24, 2015


Becoming a US Navy Seal takes much more than pure spunk.  It takes a lot of determination, grit, dedication and leadership skills.  As a Navy Seal, you will have to undergo a number of grueling situations; some which are not … Read More

Everyday Activities to Help You to Stay In Shape!

March 28, 2015


The hectic rhythm of modern life leaves both visible and hidden consequences on our health.  In order to keep our mind and our body in good condition, we have to follow some basic self-discipline guidelines.  The most important thing is … Read More

Busting Common Fitness Myths with Surprising New Facts!

March 13, 2015


Do you feel like you are actually killing it in the gym, each and everyday, but not achieving the desired outcome?  It is possible that you might have fallen victim to bad advice.  Although there is greater accessibility to the … Read More

Workout Routines Truckers Can Complete In 30 Minutes!

February 18, 2015


Exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your body, next to eating healthy.  There are so many great benefits to working out on a regular basis.  Truck drivers are on the road for varying lengths … Read More

The Best Celebrity Body Transformations of 2014

January 26, 2015


There are many reasons why people want to change their bodies.  For many celebrities, the desire to stay young and healthy is at the top at their list.  Each year there are a few celebrities who have gone above and … Read More

Workout Routines for the Office!

July 22, 2014


If you are one of the many people who struggle to find the time to exercise then don’t worry, help is at hand.  There are many exercises that can be performed even while you are sitting at your desk in … Read More

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone!

May 8, 2014


Every man knows how critical testosterone is to his reproductive and sexual health.  This hormone is produced by the testicles and it plays an important role in athletic performance, mental acuity and muscle growth.  Good levels of testosterone in the … Read More

Gym Safety Tips To Keep You From Getting Hurt!

February 23, 2014


Large muscles, toned bodies, lifting here, running there.  The mix of those things combined with heavy, cumbersome equipment makes the gym a potentially hazardous environment.  For the unfortunate person who is not paying attention, a broken arm, a stubbed toe, … Read More