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Hollywood stars seem to lose weight much faster than us normal folks.  A young
star who has just given birth transforms her body to its former glory in no time while actors always look dapper and trim in their films.  It seems that losing weight is effortless to celebrities.  Behind the stunning looks, celebrities have to endure many hours of physical training, personalized diet, and expensive weight loss supplements.  Almost invariably, celebrities have the money to spend on just about anything to lose weight and stay trim.

Personal Trainers

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Amazing physique: Superman star Henry Cavill is put through his paces by his trainer Mark Twight before he tackles the Man Of Steel role.

One of the highly sought after secret weapons in the battle against the bulge and excess weight in Hollywood is the personal trainer.  High-priced personal trainers can help actors build muscle and get ripped fast.  A good personal trainer can motivate celebrities while they work out many hours in the gym by creating an enjoyable workout routine, commenting on their form, and giving nutrition advice.

One of the highest paid personal trainers is Harley Pasternack who earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.  He is better known as the personal trainer for big name celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Orlando Bloom, Miley Cyrus, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Simpson, Halley Berry, Alicia Keys, and Lady Gaga.

Another high-priced personal trainer is Bernardo Coppola who has carved his name into fame as
the personal diet and fitness instructor of Mariah Carey.  He helped her to lose an astonishing 70 pounds after giving birth to twins.  He is also the personal trainer for Matthew Morrison, Ryan Murphy, Jane Lynch, and the cast of Glee.  Needless to say, personal trainers are Hollywood celebrities’ most expensive secret weapon to stay in shape.

Customized Diet Plans

While lowly mortals like us have to cook our own food and opt for inexpensive and less healthy convenience foods, Hollywood royalties have their own personal chefs to prepare food for them.  After a long day on set, celebrities would not need to prepare their meal when they go home.  Instead, some of the healthiest fish, leanest meat, organic vegetables, and other foods specified by their nutritionists, are already prepared by their legendary chefs.

 photo Kim_zpsd619e394.jpgKim Kardashian, for instance, lost over 50 pounds that she gained after giving birth to baby North by embarking on the strict Atkins diet.  Tim McGraw, at 46, is now in his best shape (ripped abs, sculpted physique and all), courtesy of rigorous workouts and following the Paleo Diet.


Fortunately, for us mortals, Hollywood royalties are in fact just like us in many ways when it comes to losing weight and staying fit.  Despite being able to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers, personal chefs, nutritionists, and expensive diet foods they also need the help of weight loss supplements such as Capsiplex in order to speed up their metabolism and lose weight fast.

Capsiplex is a ground breaking weight loss supplement developed from one of the world’s most natural food ingredients — hot red peppers.  Also known as capsicum, hot red pepper contains capsaicinoids which induce thermogenesis and increase the body’s metabolic activity thereby burning more energy and calories in the process.  Moreover, capsaicinoids also supports healthy metabolism, manage appetite, and induce the breakdown of fats into an energy source.

Most Trusted Weigh Loss Supplement

 photo 53244abe-e78a-4f99-99e6-fa1cde9609a0_zps0ecb8505.jpg
Capsiplex earned its distinction as one of the most trusted weight loss supplements among Hollywood celebrities.  Magazines and newspapers report that celebrities like Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez, use the supplement to stay in shape.  Kelly Osborne as well as Nicola McLean swear by Capsiplex, which is credited to helping them to lose an amazing amount of weight in just a short period.

Knowing the standards of beauty and how expensive it is to achieve, ordinary folks like us may need to forget about hiring a personal trainer or following a strict personalized diet program.  We may however experience the same weight loss wonders as Hollywood celebrities through their most inexpensive weapon, Capsiplex.  If it works for big name celebrities, then it could work for us.

Where to buy Capsiplex

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