Can You Build Muscle Without Weights?

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With the current trend in physical fitness and having hot and sexy muscles, which guy does not want to have a body like Taylor Lautner, Ashton Kutcher or Hugh Jackman? Every girl dreams of such a man and every boy hopes to have such a great physique.  Likewise, every woman dreams to have a body like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna or Britney Spears.  Each year thousands of men go crazy over the athletic physiques of these women, and most girls would do anything to have a body like them.

The darker side to the attainment of the desired physique is also there – the usage of drugs, chemicals and inappropriate methods to obtain such muscles as quickly as possible.  This article is not about the brighter side or the darker one but emphasizes one very important and crucial question that almost every  photo pullupID-100108879_zps8f22b614.jpg young person asks: Can I really build muscle without weights?

Normally, people would think this is impossible or something that could not be achieved, but have you given thought to the fact that gyms were almost non existent 20-25 years ago?  People had tremendous physiques back then so building muscle mass does not depend solely on using weights in a gym.  You have to understand how the body functions and what effect weights have on your body.  Once you understand this, you can work out a method of achieving the exact results without weights.  You can have toned, strong muscles by using your own bodyweight as resistance.  First, let us discuss the type of exercises that can achieve this.

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The core exercises involved in this include pull–ups, push–ups, raises, squats, dips, crunches, lunges, jumping jacks and deep knee bends.  These are the exercises that provide strength to muscles without weights.  The key point is to use those activities that directly target the upper and lower body muscles, along with lower back, abs and most importantly the glutes.  Yoga & Pilates are also necessary with these exercises.  Yoga uses resistance of the body to make the muscles strong and lean while Pilates will provide provide strength to hips, back and abs.

The first and the major advantage of using this method for building muscle is that you can do the exercises anywhere.  Whether you are travelling due to work or you are on vacation, you need not look for a gym or fitness club to maintain your sexy muscles.  Furthermore, the likelihood of injury in traditional weight training facilities is much greater when compared to this method.  So go ahead and flaunt those muscles which you have achieved without having done weight training in a gym.

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