Can Test Freak Get You Ripped?

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 photo Test-Freak_zps2bd04d67.jpgTest freak is a hormonal supplement that offers hybrid Pro-testosterone stimulation which is more than twice the levels of testosterone at 700mg for each serving when compared to other testosterone boosters on the market.  It is useful to athletes who need to boost their strength, energy performance while training, lean muscle, sex drive and reduce body fat rapidly.  It is manufactured by Pharma Freak.

Ingredients and mechanism of action

Let us examine them:


It contains an extract of fenugreek known as TRIGOTEST which is known to significantly  stimulate an increase in the levels of free testosterone.


TESTOFEN  levels are 700mg per serving which makes it effective in boosting levels of  free testosterone by an impressive 98.9 percent.


Test Freak contains zinc, a clinically proven libido and immunity boosterZinc also stops the  action of aromatese in producing estrogen in men.  This effectively leaves room for levels of testosterone to rise resulting in a ratio favouring testosterone to estrogen.  Zinc is  also good for the inhibition of aromatese.

Vitamin B6

The content of Vitamin B6  provides a constant supply of energy.  Saw Palmetto extracts are helpful in the  maintenance of testosterone levels in the body and is helpful in reducing prostate problems.

Test Freak contains Stinging nettle which contains substances effective in blocking the binding of globulin to testosterone which  results in a boost in the levels of free testosterone.

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Pros of Test freak

  • No other product on the market can beat it’s results since it increases the level of  free and total testosterone by up to 331 and 469 percent respectively.
  • High rate of muscle development, satellite cells are increasingly activated and increased production of natural growth hormones.
  • It is the best testosterone boosting product available so  far because of the tremendous support of muscle mass.
  • The speed at which the product works is very impressive when compared to competing testosterone boosters on the market.
  • It is the only and first testosterone booster to innovatively include TRIGOTEST in it’s composition.
  • Users have the advantage of maintaining their strength and muscle gains from Test Freak even after use is discontinued as long as they  continue to eat right and train hard.
  • Provides the actual levels of each of the ingredients which helps potential buyers to make a proper decision.
  • Users benefit from better sleep, decreased belly fat and skyrocketing libido.
  • It is a testosterone booster that is like no other  since it contains an anti-DHT complex which prevents side effects like gynecomastia, hair loss and acne since it blocks the conversion of the body’s testosterone into DHT.

Cons of Test freak

  • Users are exposed to side effects  like swollen testicles, acne, dehydration and mood swings characterized by hot tempers and irritability.  Bad dreams have also been reported, in addition to maple syrup smelling sweat.
  • Users are not offered any guarantees by the manufacturer which makes the buyer question the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and confidence in their product.
  • The manufacturer does not sell the product directly  which exposes potential buyers to fake products.
  • The directions for use  only mention how men are supposed to take the product.  A lot of women would want  to benefit from it but feel locked out.
  • It  contains some ingredients that have nil effects on testosterone.
  • It has no fat burning properties.

Overall Conclusion

The boosting of  testosterone to such high levels of up to 331 and 469 percent could prove hazardous to one’s health.

Since it’s mechanism of action is  unique, it can be used in combination with other hormonal supplements that feature different mechanisms of action such as Anabolic Freak from PharmaFreak in 30 day cycles.  This combination has been proven to produce massively impressive results.

It can also be effectively used with ReapFreak, a powerful supplement used for burning fat.

Test Freak and Testofuel actually possess similar ingredients, check out my personal Testofuel Review.

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