Can Athletic Clothes and Gear Boost Your Performance?

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Performance wear is the new craze in the fitness industry, with everyone from professional athletes to amateurs and recreational powerlifter grandmas, using innovative clothing designs to step up their fitness game and reach new goals. But does athletic gear really increase your performance?

The short answer is yes, and in more ways than one.  From performance shirts and compression wear, to the kind of footwear you choose for the job, performance clothing is specifically designed to make you a better athlete.  Here are the five essential benefits of athletic clothes and gear you don’t want to miss out on!

Your mental game

The body achieves what the mind envisions.  No matter if you are training for strength, muscle size, or cardiovascular endurance, developing a strong mindset will be imperative to build your success.  Without the willingness to succeed, there can be no triumph.

Athletic clothes are designed to put you in the right frame of mind not only to train, but to give it your all and safely reach your goals faster than before.  It all starts with the motivation and confidence you gain once you put on your gear.  The dry-fit fabric, the flexible design and the wide range of colorful options all work to produce power, motivation, and self-esteem.

Your physical performance

Performance and injury prevention are the two areas where athletic clothing truly shines.  Depending on your training method or combination of training methods, you want to utilize the sleek, fitted design to become faster, stronger, and more flexible during your training session.

Designed to allow for constant full range of motion while keeping your skin dry and able to breathe, athletic wear is especially useful in bodybuilding and strength sports, and it’s even mandatory in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting meets.  However, this doesn’t mean you should change back into your regular sweats for your cardio session, as you want to harness all of these benefits to burn more fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Injury prevention

One of the most important aspects of training, regardless of the type of sport is injury prevention.  Sports-related injuries are prevalent in the fitness industry because of the rate of physical exertion in a training cycle, fatigue, and miscalculated volume, intensity, and frequency variables.

When you train long and hard for a prolonged period of time, something is going to give out.  Usually, it’s your shoulder, your lower back, your wrists, or your elbows and knees. Athletic wear and durable compression clothing is specifically designed to minimize the risk of injury during your workouts by keeping the body warm and the blood flowing.  Compression clothes also speeds up your post-workout recovery, which leads us to the next crucial point.

Improved recovery

There is nothing worse than skipping the gym because of the unbearable muscle soreness you’re still experiencing from your last training session.  The inability to recover properly will severely impact your next workout and it can even make you plateau and regress in your training.

While you should stick to scheduled sleeping patterns, proper nutrition and supplementation; you should wear your compression gear on your off days as well in order to force constant blood flow to the impacted muscles and allow them to recover faster.  This way, you will be ready, willing, and strong enough to crush your next session.

Stay in the game long-term

Your focus in the strength and bodybuilding game should be longevity.  You don’t want to get injured early on in your lifting career and have to spend the rest of your life taking it easy and training with light weights because of a past mistake.  However, many people want to make fast gains, putting their health on the line for short-term glory.

You want to be in the game long-term, making progress constantly but steadily while staying safe and avoiding debilitating injuries.  Athletic wear will help you achieve this goal and allow you to enjoy a long, successful lifting career.

Performance clothing has become extremely popular in the fitness industry in recent years and rightfully so.  With these essential benefits of athletic wear in mind, you will have no problem elevating your fitness game to a completely new level and making your dreams a reality.

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