Busting Common Fitness Myths with Surprising New Facts!

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Do you feel like you are actually killing it in the gym, each and everyday, but not achieving the desired outcome?  It is possible that you might have fallen victim to bad advice.  Although there is greater accessibility to the latest health research, it Exercising woman photo Exercising woman_zpswg4hjxud.jpgmay not always be accurate.  In addition, recent studies are revolutionising conventional beliefs about the way an individual must exercise.  Let’s look at some of the popular myths that are doled out to gym goers:

Flat abs through crunches

Considered to be the most iconic of all the abdominal exercises, doing crunches may not necessarily be the most appropriate way of slimming down your mid-section. According to experts in exercise science, the exercise in itself does not burn a lot of calories and hence they are not exactly associated with fat loss.  According to a study from Pennsylvania State University, effectively moving your distil trunk including your gluteus and shoulders can effectively help in engaging the entire core, while crunches can be helpful in toning a tiny portion of the abdominal muscles.  The best way of whittling down your waist is by incorporating bridges and planks in your exercise schedule.  While doing crunches, ensure that it is done in the correct manner or else it might cause your spine to ache and twist.

Sweating burns off more fat

Sweating excessively after a regular run does not necessarily mean that additional calories have been burnt.  Rather, sweating is a biological reaction that helps in cooling the skin and regulating internal body temperature.  No matter whether you have had a gruelling gym session, or you have been sweating outdoors due to the weather, the body responds in the same manner by cooling itself through sweat.

Knees are negatively impacted due to running

A recent study conducted by the Stanford University, revealed that the knees of older runners were as healthy as those of young people who didn’t run.  Although running on tarmac is relatively safer for the joints than specific contact sports such rugby, running is not entirely safe.  It is believed that women are likely to be at greater risk of serious injury from running as compared to men, because women tend to have an asymmetry in the strength ratio between the extensor muscles and hamstring tendons, which can heighten the risk of knee injuries.  This is why fitness experts suggest entire body strength workouts at least twice weekly, in addition to daily runs, that can help in building the muscles supporting the knees.

Body recovers faster with stretching

Although it might feel good to stretch after an exercise session, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Milan, recovery methods such as stretching after exercise did not reveal any important alterations in blood lactate levels.  While muscle soreness may not be entirely reduced with stretching, nor can it be completely repaired, stretching still has specific benefits.  It can help in increasing joint flexibility if stretching is begun immediately after a workout while the body is still warm.

Notching up gym time

Spending more time at the gym does not ensure a better body or a fitter you.  It is important to schedule rest-days between gruelling gym sessions as it is a crucial factor in helping the body recover.  Working out every single day or overtraining can cause severe muscle injury, as the body needs to rebound and improve during rest.  Ensure that you take regular breaks, even if it is every other day and have a blend of different types of exercises in order to keep a varied workout.  Injuries can also take place if the same training pattern is constantly repeated.

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