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Einstein once said, “If you can imagine it, you can create it.”  This may sound corny but I believe if you can visualize the body you’ve always wanted, you can achieve it.  The human spirit is the strongest element on our planet.  It is an untapped potential in all of us.  Like a muscle, the brain can be trained to form new habits and different views.  We tend to get what we focus on.

Most of us have self-defeating voices in our heads that stop us cold before we even start.  I am not asking you to “try” because that gives you a way out.  Trying pre-supposes failure.  You don’t try to go for a run, right?  You just get on your feet and do it.  If I asked you to walk in a straight line, do you try to do it or simply walk the  photo meditationID-100116425_zps717ff088.jpgline?  Within reason, we can accomplish most things if we put our brain and desires to work.  There are universal laws and real limitations like gravity but man has always found ways to get around them.  That’s how we have been able to build the aeroplane and other amazing inventions.

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If real desire and commitment are present you will have all the tools to manifest your dreams.  The first key to attaining the body you’ve always desired is really, really wanting it.  Once you have created a real strong desire, you need to determine what is holding you back.  You will have to ask yourself some questions:

– Do I want my dream body at the cost of sacrificing my bad eating habits?  Can I go without ice cream and cookies?

– Do those extra glasses of wine or beer bring me more pleasure than my dream body would?

– Is staying up late and not getting enough sleep worth not attaining the body I’ve always wanted?

– Can I find time to do the workouts required? It may take up to 10 hours per week.

– Am I willing to devote some time to stress management like meditation?

I’m sure you can come up with a boatload of excuses to defeat yourself before you even begin.   It is tough to implement lifestyle changes.  Most people don’t have the desire and impulse control to put off a good thing now for a greater thing later.   However, it is possible to learn to love the process and create your dream physique.  Change your focus and enjoy the path.

Doug Joachim – Joachim’s Training – Personal trainer NY

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