Best Foods and Eating Habits for a More Muscular Physique!

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Being healthy may not always be enough for some people who want to build more muscle. For most people who want to achieve a particular physique in a specific time frame whether for health reasons or because their work requires them to (e.g. models or professional athletes) eating healthy foods and following a solid workout regimen is the key.
Health experts and nutritionists recommend particular foods and diets for building muscle fast.  Protein is one of the most important macronutrients in building muscle.  Great sources of protein are:

Peanuts – known for being one of the most calorie-dense foods it contains protein and unsaturated fats, hence it is highly recommended by fitness junkies as a portable and tasty snack.

Tuna – Red meat is usually considered a more healthy option than white meat but fish is the best, particularly tuna.  Tuna is high in protein and healthy fats such as Omega-3 which is known for being good for the heart.  At some places where there is an abundant supply of fish it is cheaper than meat.

Boiled Eggs – another food to add to your diet is a hard boiled egg. A hard boiled egg has 70 calories in addition to the multivitamins.  Remember, a chick comes from an egg, hence, it naturally increases levels of growth hormones in the body so that you can build more muscle.

Most of us have three meals daily, increase your meals to six and decrease the portions for each meal.  Frequent food intake increases the body’s metabolism so that you can burn more fat and retain as much lean muscle as possible.

To maintain a healthy body while building muscle fast avoid foods that are harmful to your health.  Foods to avoid are high calorie laden foods like pizza, potato chips, fries and foods rich in saturated fat content, sugars, salt and oil since they contribute to a variety of health problems.

You should never overwork your muscles but give them sufficient time to recuperate.  When training you should drink more water than usual to replace the fluids your body loses during exercise.  Some people opt to take muscle building supplements but this is a matter of personal preference.

Suzzane Edwards is a fitness and wellness blogger who writes for Fitness Baron.


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