Best Bulking Supplement of 2017

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What is a bulking supplement?

In order to put on maximum lean muscle mass in your bulking cycle; diet and exercise are not enough on their own.  Bulking supplements are an integral part of all bulking cycles and finding the best bulking supplement can help you maximize gains in lean muscle mass.  Bulking supplements help you recover faster, build muscle mass, and increase your overall strength.

Why is it important?

Eating well and lifting weights will certainly help you in your bulking cycle, but for optimal results and if you are serious about bulking you will also need to add a bulking supplement.  Gaining lean muscle mass is much harder than losing weight and serious body builders know that supplements play an important part in the bulking cycle.  Bulking supplements help you gain lean muscle mass in a healthy and safe way.  Many bulking supplements can also help make up any nutritional deficiencies by providing extra vitamins and minerals.

What should one look for in a good bulking supplement?

When it comes to finding the best bulking supplement, there are some ingredients to look out for.  If you can find a supplement with these ingredients that is also free of artificial sweeteners then you are on your way to gains.

All bulking supplements should contain Citrulline Malate, this amino acid is a fatigue fighter which recycles lactic acid for energy.  Branched Chain amino Acids BCAAs are essential in all bulking supplements.  BCAAs increase protein synthesis, improve workout intensity and increase serotonin levels during exercise.  Beta-Alanine is one of the building blocks for lean muscle.  Beta-Alanine can enhance muscular endurance and protects against lactic acid. Taurine is an essential amino acid which increases performance and builds protein in the body.

Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk

Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk contains 19 active ingredients including 4,000mgs of Citrulline Malate, 4,000mgs of BCAAs and 1,300mgs of Taurine.  2,500mgs of BetaPureTM is a patented form of Beta Alanine which helps your body remove the build up of lactic acid as well as help build lean muscle.  With caffeine for energy and vitamin D3, boron and zinc, this is an effective stack for bulking.  Another impressive feature other than the list of scientifically proven ingredients with Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk, are the high doses of their top ingredients.

Many supplements have the ingredients critical for bulking listed, however the dosage is so low that they may as well not be there.  Transparent Labs dosage levels are backed by clinical studies showing their efficacy.  The other attractive feature about PreSeries Bulk is the lack of artificial colors and flavors.  There’s no point doing the hard work in the gym, eating right and taking the right supplements if they are laced with sugars and artificial colors that will undo all of your hard work.

Universal Nutrition’s Animal Nitro

Resultado de imagen para Universal Nutrition Animal NitroUniversal Nutrition’s Animal Nitro bulking supplement contains 9135.00mgs of essential amino acids per serving.  These help stimulate protein synthesis and spark anabolism.  An anabolic state helps the development of muscle tissue. Using uncoupled amino acids which are absorbed more readily into the body, Animal Nitro can bypass the liver and target the areas that require it the most during workouts.

Containing Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM, the same amino acid profile found in humans, this means it is more bio available during workouts. Essential amino acids are those that your body is unable to manufacture itself. Each pack contains 4,600mgs of BCAAs so when you are bulking you get the increased protein synthesis and the ability to workout for longer.  Chock full of amino acids, this stack is also chock full of fillers, so use with caution.

Size On

Rich Gaspari, ex pro body builder and owner and  creator of Gaspari Nutrition has a range of products on the market. Size On is the most popular bulking supplement and provides a combination of Creatine and amino acids.  With Hydrolysate Whey protein which has been clinically proven to absorb faster than free-form amino acids promising increased performance, recovery and bulk, Size On claims to reload and pre-shape muscle cells so that they can work harder for longer.  L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate eliminates waste and ammonia from your body.  The biggest claim is that you will increase your bulk while you are actually training.

There are a lot of impressive scientific claims and long words like Pterostilbene (an anti oxidant found in blueberries and red wine) is used in marketing Size On, however, close scrutiny of the list of ingredients show lots of vitamins and minerals and not a lot of real science.  Again, like many other bulking supplements, there are way too many nasties contained in this product, potentially undoing your hard gains.

Final Thoughts

The best bulking supplement to maximize muscle gain during your bulking cycle needs to be backed by scientific evidence and have more than one or two essential bulking ingredients.  Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk ticks all of these boxes. It has solid scientific research behind it and a long list of essential ingredients for bulking.

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