9 Must-Avoid Unhealthy Foods!

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The following are nine (9) must-avoid foods because of the havoc it will wreak on your body.

Canned Foods.

Aside from the fact that these foods are not fresh, a major issue with canned goods is that the epoxy linings in cans are found to have bisphenols, a type of chemical that is linked to diabetes and heart disease.  According to Consumer Reports, highest levels of bisphenols are found in canned beans and canned soups.


Hamburgers are great sources of protein.  Protein as we all know is needed for muscular development, but the big question is how does this food turn out to be unhealthy obsession?  The truth is that a simple, single burger is fine.  Burgers only become a health threat when they are loaded with poor, unnecessary and fatty toppings such as mayonnaise, butter, cheese, ketchup and loads of meats.  Too much oil and salt will contribute to atherosclerosis, a condition whereby there is a fatty build-up in arteries.  Increase in Trans fats may lead to blood sugar spikes.

Soft drinks.

It has long been known that soda drinks are linked to obesity and blood sugar problems.  A new study conducted by medical experts reveal that sodas triggers stroke, kidney damage and heart problems.


There are many reasons why sweets are unhealthy and should only be had in small quantities.  Major side effect of sweets is tooth decay especially in children.  Sweets contain harmful chemicals that attack a person’s enamel.  Also, sweets are high in triglycerides – harmful fats that increase one’s risk for heart disease.

Sausage, Hotdogs and Processed Meats.

These are instant foods that are fairly delicious but these high nitrate foods can increase one’s risk of death by 44%.  According to one study, eating processed meat is a major factor in 1 out of 30 deaths.

Street foods.

Street foods are fried foods which means the preparation time is short.  Other than that, they are deep fried and the oil used in cooking is repeatedly used.  Repeated use of oil increases fatty acid build up in food.  Quick cooking time and repeated frying encourages the formation of free radicals (which lead to cancer).  Street foods are also loaded with sodium to prolong shelf life.  Over and above, street foods have high microbial count.  Dust, smoke, customers hands – you name it; we don’t have a clue how unclean and unsafe these foods are.


Named as the Best of the Worst, pizza has poor nutritional content.  Packing a whopping 640 calories, it has more calories than fried chicken (480).  Pizza also has a high sodium and sugar content.  The more toppings added, the unhealthier it is.

Fried Chicken.

Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC – almost all fast food restaurant chains serve fried chicken!  The best-seller among the fried foods is fried chickens which is not good for your body.  While it is a good source of protein, these foods are rich in saturated fats which can clog arteries and eventually lead to a heart attack.  Nevertheless, eating them in moderation is okay.  To cut back on fats, you can throw away the skin and eat the flesh.

French Fries.

French fries are another favorite of many persons.  Like any other fry foods, French fries are bad for health for the reason that all fried foods are high in calories, cholesterol and grease.

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Sarah del Rosario is a lifestyle and health blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita.  She currently collaborates with meditationmango.com in sharing spiritual health information.

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