7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Muscle!

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 photo sweetsweat_zpsd2111ba9.jpgEverything we do should be carefully planned out prior to an ensuing method of execution.  It is the same when you are trying to build muscle; you have to be very cautious of what you do or else you won’t be successful.  There are some basic steps you have to take and with an expert trainer to guide you, you can never go wrong. So, if you are overweight, stay focussed on your weight loss goal as you will hit your target eventually.

The following are mistakes to avoid in your bodybuilding pursuit:

  • Starving yourself:  If you want to lose weight don’t ever dramatically cut down on your food intake.  You still need food because food is necessary to help your body burn fat and energy is derived from the food that we eat.  If you are skinny, try to eat as much as you can.  Individuals who are into bodybuilding need at least 4,000 calories per day.
  • Lack of education on protein: Every pound of your body weight must be matched with 1-2 grams of daily protein intake (ratio is 1 lb = 1 or 2 grams protein rich foods).  This will support muscle growth.  Eating regularly is important but it’s about time that you try to break them down into smaller meals rather than the conventional size of food served on the table.
  • Not drinking sufficient water: Our body needs water and sufficient amounts of it can build muscle fast.  To be certain that you are getting enough, you may compute your current weight in terms of pounds and multiply it with 0.6 oz to get the right amount of water your body requires.
  • Not taking the right supplements: Don’t forget to take supplements to augment your diet plan.  If in doubt, you may consider taking in phytoceramides to maintain your skin’s appearance.  There are many moisturizers that contain phytoceramides that can guard the skin from premature aging as well.  Vitamins A, E and C are perfect for your program as well.
  • Program hopping: Programs will differ according to height, weight, and body build.  Finding the right program for you may not be as hard as when you are trying to select from hundreds of them yourself.  Expert trainers are there to help you find one that fits you perfectly.  You may have to follow the entire program for a period of two months to see if you are on the right track.  Never jump from one program to another due to impatience as this lead you nowhere fast.
  • Too much information: This leads a person towards too much knowledge in theory but lacking in actual performance.  Avoid this by restraining yourself from learning about other programs while you are already pursuing one.  This may lead you to confusion..
  • Not keeping track of progress: Never let a day go by without logging in your progress. Keeping a journal with you can make you strive towards your goal.  This further motivates you to exert more effort.

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or just building your muscles to show off an attractive physique on the beach next summer vacation, you still have to take note of these reminders in order to see some real changes within yourself.

Author Bio:

Aside from being a writer, Annali Quetulio is a dance teacher and believes that being fit in mind and body should be a top priority.  She combines both passions and regard them as her guiding principle in writing articles for SweetSweat.com which count phytoceramides as among her topics.

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