5 Excellent Foods to Eat to Gain Weight!

Posted on January 13th, 2010 at 9:32 am by


In order to gain weight you need to combine servings of all the major food groups (carbohydrates, protein and fats) in the correct proportions. Carbohydrates should make up the majority of your diet which should amount to 50-60%.  Here is my list of 5 excellent foods to eat to put on healthy weight:

This is an excellent source of protein. Protein is necessary to repair the tissue that is damaged during workouts and build muscle. Ofcourse, any other lean meat especially chicken without the skin would be good.

Brown Rice
This is a complex carbohydrate. It takes more time to be digested into the body than simple carbohydrates such as sugar. It is a healthy whole grain food that provides the body with lots of nutrients and vitamins necessary to facilitate healthy and natural weight gain.  You may also have brown bread.

This is a another great source of complex carbohydrates. They provide the body with various vitamins and minerals necessary for growth. Vegetables should be an important part of any healthy weight gain plan.

Peanut Butter
A great source of unsaturated fats (good fat).  Having a tablespoon before and after each workout would be a good idea. Just one tablespoon contains lots of calories. You may also have olive oil, peanuts and cashews which are other great sources of unsaturated fats.

One of the best foods out there to gain weight.  It is a high energy food that is easy to digest and is a preferred choice by athletes to give them that extra energy when needed.

Remember that too much of one thing is not good. Always strive for a balanced diet.  Cheers!

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