5 Effective Ways to Build Muscle at Home

Posted on December 31st, 2017 at 1:18 am by


Being able to build muscle in the comfort of your own home is one of the most popular goals among gym rats and recreational lifters as well.  However, you might have found the idea a bit daunting, especially considering the fact that the gym has all the equipment you need to sculpt the body of your dreams.  You wouldn’t want to miss out.

Your living room or your basement can serve the same purpose, you simply need to organize and optimize your surroundings for total muscle gain. Here are the top five effective ways to build muscle at home and sculpt the body you’ve always wanted.

Start with bodyweight routines

You would be amazed at how much muscle-building potential bodyweight training has – you simply need to incorporate it properly.  The best part is that you need little to no equipment for the first few months, or until you decide to transition to some serious strength training.

Just like you would train every body part at the gym, you want to use bodyweight exercises that specifically target the desired muscle group.  You’ll need a pull-up bar and a chair or a simple bench. Use the pull-up bar to work your back and biceps, and the bench to work your triceps, chest, and legs. Don’t forget to incorporate explosive plyometric movements to give those wheels a good burn.

Optimize your nutrition

There is no way around it, your nutrition needs to be spot on if you’re going to reap the full benefits of home training.   On the upside, working out at home allows you to manage your meals better and take advantage of muscle-protein synthesis.  The key lies in calculating your daily caloric needs.

To build muscle, you want to be in a caloric surplus entailing healthy food sources such as proteins, healthy carbs, and fats.  Be sure to calculate your daily macronutrient requirements as well, in order to maximize muscle hypertrophy, and minimize fat gain.

Get the right equipment

Now, if you want to experience the same muscle-building potential you would get in a gym environment, you will need to obtain the right set of tools to help you reach your goals.  Start by defining your goals and aspirations.  Do you want to maximize muscle size?  Increase strength?  Or improve your cardiovascular endurance?

Whatever your goal may be, picking the right gym equipment for the job is essential.  Opt for machines if hypertrophy is your goal, and free weights and barbells if you want to increase your strength and explosiveness.  On the other hand, if endurance is what you’re after, better choose a rowing machine or a treadmill.

Up the intensity

No matter the goal, if you want your at-home routine to bear any fruit, you will need to up the intensity, and decrease your rest periods.  It’s easy to get distracted in a familiar environment, and before you know it, you’ve been watching the TV for 10 minutes in between your third and fourth set of deadlifts.

This can lead to numerous problems, from decreased performance, to injuries. Speaking of injuries, just because you’re not in a gym doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear athletic clothing.  Performance clothing is specifically designed to keep your muscles and joints warm and safe – this is especially useful when training at home where there is no one to spot you.

Diversify your training

Finally, you want to keep the gains train moving at all times, and the best way to do that is to keep challenging your body on a daily basis.  Whether it’s progressive overload, a new set of exercises, or a mixture of both, you need to keep your body guessing and force it to grow bigger, and stronger.

Use everything from free weights and machines, to bodyweight training, and even stability drills to hit those targeted muscles from every possible angle and induce as much muscle breakdown as possible.  With the right diet plan, you should see new gains in no time.

Building muscle at home is not impossible, quite the contrary, by implementing these essential tips into your training routine you will have no problem sculpting the body you always wanted, right in the comfort of your own home.


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