5 Awesome Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Isn’t it such a beautiful thing to know that you carry another life inside of you? For most women, nothing can compare to the feeling and excitement you get, when the doctor finally confirms your pregnancy even though you probably had your suspicions for a while now.

All of a sudden, all these feelings and emotions come flooding in along with dozens of questions about prenatal care, postnatal care, and general fitness during this delicate stage of your life. No matter how often folks tell you to “just  photo pregnant woman_zpsa7wovtsh.jpgenjoy the journey”, as a mother, you want to make sure you are doing the best you can to birth a healthy baby; that’s okay, it’s a natural instinct, that’s what makes you a mom. So to help you maintain your fitness goals throughout the period of your pregnancy, here are a few tips you may find helpful.

Before we get right into it, please note that the information contained in this post seeks to in no way replace the advice of your doctor, rather it was designed for informational purposes. Please seek the consent or advice of your OBGYN before you make any changes to your diet or fitness regimen.

Simple But Effective Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women

1.Stay Active

Unless you have been placed on complete bed rest by your doctor, you should try to stay active while pregnant. Regular activity helps you control the amount of weight you put on while pregnant. The average woman puts on about 25-35 pounds during pregnancy and anything exceeding that could be detrimental to the mother as well as the child.

In addition to that, engaging in frequent activity helps blood circulation, thereby helping you prevent varicose veins. It also helps you sleep better and gets your body well prepared for labor.

2. Stay Hydrated

During early stages of pregnancy, the body releases progesterone, a hormone that causes a slight rise in body temperature.  Pregnant women also notice that during this time, their metabolic rate increases; all these activities going on in the body generates heat which can cause dehydration if left unchecked.

Regular intake of water while pregnant can also help fight the feeling of constipation and bloating in pregnant women, so it’s advised that you increase your water intake during this period.

3. Take a Walk

A 15-minute walk can do you a whole lot; benefits of strolling down the sidewalk include giving you an energy boost, even as it lowers the risk of gestational diabetes.

4. Ensure you are eating right

Are you eating healthy? By this we mean do your meals meet the daily nutritional requirements for a pregnant woman?  Make sure to consume foods rich in fiber, iron and folic acid and don’t skimp out on breakfast. For more tips on nutrition and dietary needs for pregnant women, here’s an awesome infographic for you.

5. Say goodbye to crunches and sit-ups

Any exercise that requires you lying on your back can be potentially dangerous after the first trimester, as they are capable of limiting the flow of blood to your baby.

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