3 Fat Burning Myths Debunked – Plus, Hope!

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Metabolism is cruel.  It teaches us, in our teens and early twenties, that we can eat almost anything.  Some of us grew up pounding down the pizza and guzzling soda, with nary a pound to show for it.  That might not be the case anymore as we age and our body slows down.  The market for fat burners and other fitness goods or services, an industry that measures value in billions, is proof that people are desperate for help when their body stops making it easy.

So with all the millions of Google results for strings like “lose weight quickly,” “burn fat fast,” or my favorite, “no exercise weight loss,” where do you turn?

Well, for starters, isn’t it time we got real?  The unrealistic expectations didn’t just happen. We the people are the reason these magic bean sellers are out there holding out false hopes to people who want to take a pill and look like Brad Pitt in Snatch.
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When you’re done drooling (ladies) over the lad or battling your green-eyed monster (fellas), take a look at his workout for that film, at least according to this official-looking website.  There goes your dream of that ripped look being easy.  So, here are a few myths that you should really stop believing.

Myth #1: Ab Workouts Give You Six-Packs

The Reality: Sorry to break it to you, but no amount of bicycle crunching and ab rolling will give you a six-pack.  Someone very intelligent once said, “Great abs are made in the kitchen.”  It’s the truth.  Crunches are healthy – they strengthen and sculpt your ab muscles – but no matter how many you do, a layer of fat covering your abs will … well, cover your abs.

You cannot spot treat fat lossGreat abs are a natural part of an overall decrease in body fat.  Eating well, and doing lots of cardio will naturally contribute to losses in your midsection.

Myth #2: Treadmills are easier on your knees than running outdoors.

The Reality: Running on a treadmill impacts your knees just like running on anything else.  It is no less impactful than asphalt.  If you have trouble with your knees, you should be looking into other cardio workouts, such as step-ups, scissor kicks, swimming, or the elliptical machine.

If you don’t have bad knees but still want to minimize impact, you should be constantly varying your workout.

Myth #3: No Pain, No Gain.

Strong fat burner supplements and other diet/weight training aids can be useful, if used in moderation.  If you aren’t combining them with a realistic and consistent workout and nutrition plan, you’re tilting at windmills; you’re not going to have realistic results.  Don’t fall for the most prevalent myth of them all: “No pain, no gain.”

This is the most dangerous myth floating around, and the one that – surprise – leads to the most injuries.

If you can get these damaging ideas out of your head, you stand a real chance of developing a healthier lifestyle.  Looking great naked will be a natural result of working out and putting the right things in your body. Enjoy your new body!

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