3 Beginner Muscle Building Tips!

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People have varying reasons as to why they want to build muscle.  Men might want to impress women with their muscles – to be that kind of macho man all the girls swoon over.  Muscle building should be for the entire physique, not just the arms, chest or abs.  A man will look weird with ill proportioned muscles.

Natural muscle building has limits.  Small framed men will not build as much muscle as those of a larger framed guy.  Others try to go beyond the physical limits by using steroids to obtain abnormally large muscles.  Their skin will stretch beyond the normal limits and will leave them with unsightly, loose, flabby skin once they stop taking it.

Tip 1: Start with low intensity muscle building

Low intensity muscle building for the arms, chest and back can start with floor push-ups.  For those who are obese or overweight, they can perform the push-ups with their hands rested on a chair or bed and feet on the floor.  Ten to fifteen push-ups a day for the first week is good.  Increase the reps to an additional five each week as your strength grows.

Muscle building does not necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting weights.  Empty a one quart plastic soda bottle and fill with sand or water for use as weights.  Increasing the difficulty should not be a problem as there are half and one gallon plastic bottles available.

It is best to rest 3 to 5 minutes between each set.  If you are sweating, do not let the sweat dry on you as this will make you feel lazy.  In cold weather a two to three minutes rest should be sufficient.

Tip 2: Consult with a physician

It is best to progress with the advice from a physician and dietitian.  The physician will be able to tell you how capable you are to undertake a muscle building regime.  Regardless of your age, it is important to be find out if you suffer from a heart condition which might preclude you from getting too involved in bodybuilding.

A dietitian will be able to provide you with a list of muscle building foods.  Some of the best foods and drinks for building muscle are eggs, salmon, beef, olive oil, water, coffee, almonds and yogurt.  Dietitians are employed by sportsmen to help them get the proper nutrients to enhance performance in the sport they are in.

Tip 3: Gym fitness instructor assistance

Well populated cities will have at least one gym.  The owner or instructor of the gym will be an ideal person to talk to on how to go about muscle building.  They will provide good information on how to start with because they will see you as prospective member of their gym.  The instructor will tell you how to develop your muscles in a safe and efficient manner.  The gradual progression in the increase of the weights is important to prevent too much strain being placed on the body.

A beginner to muscle building will benefit from being around other beginners.  In a gym, an instructor will encourage each person to help one another in their exercises.  This is especially necessary when lifting weights.

Note that when performing muscle building exercises along with those who are already at a higher level it can be tempting to go along with their pace.  Doing so can lead to injury or muscle strain.  Always work at a level and pace you are comfortable with.

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Tom is a gym trainer and a blogger.  He writes regularly about men’s fitness and skin care products.  Recently, he has written Exposed skin care reviews and recommended it as an effective treatment for acne.

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