You don’t have to stuff yourself!

Posted on July 27th, 2010 at 9:45 pm by


Okay, many ectormorphs are horrified when they are told that they have to up their calory intake by 3500 per week in order to gain weight.  How are you supposed to find time to eat so much?  That is one of the main reasons why skinny persons give up all too quickly especially since the gains are so slow.

I used to find this as a problem especially since my job keeps me so occupied.  I hardly find time to have lunch.  So any food I eat has to be quick and easily digestible.  That is where protein shakes come in handy.  There are tons of protein shakes out there that you can buy that will give you the equivalent calories of consuming a meal.

Therefore you don’t have to stuff yourself everyday in order to increase your calory intake.  Eat smart and things will work out.

Another alternative to stuffing yourself everyday is to gradually increase your calory intake.  You don’t have to up your calory intake by 500 everyday but you can start at 100 more calories everyday and then gradually increase it to 500.   Doing that will allow you to become accustomed to eating more.  You will be surprised.

Therefore, don’t sweat it.  You don’t have to stuff yourself to gain weight.

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