10 Supplements Every Man Needs As He Gets Older!

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As we age, we find ourselves needing more assistance to lead a healthier life.  Our bad habits in the past may come back to haunt us because unfortunately, my fellow men, we are creatures of quick demise after a certain age.

Over the years, I have found some of the most essential supplements to support everything from skin restoration and prostate to hair and the immune system.  I would recommend that you buy a morning and night pill holder marking each day of the week because these (ten) 10 supplements are essential to every man as he gets older.

The Most Important Pills of the Day

Vitamin D

As many Americans know, Vitamin D is essential to the body for absorbing calcium and repairing bone.  Milk has lots of Vitamin D in addition to a lot of fat and other potentially harmful ingredients if consumed too liberally.  That is why Vitamin D is one of the most import vitamins to have moving forward when the body begins to breakdown.  Don’t let the pride get in the way, Vitamin D if taken consistently will help repair bone and could also help in disease prevention.  In fact, researchers state that 1,000 to 2,000 IU of Vitamin D daily may become critical for disease prevention.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Everyone knows that fish is good for you but many do not understand why.  It’s all about the Omega-3 baby! photo ID-10099276_zps9a5d6139.jpg

This supplement is essential to any person, male or female, in the reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood triglycerides (a component of cholesterol that causes the arteries to harden).  The results of Omega-3 Fatty Acids are so successful that certain foods carrying these fatty acids have labels stating, “Omega-3’s may lower the risk of coronary heart disease.”  Although salmon contains these fatty acids extensively, most Americans do not eat enough fish to receive the recommended doses of Omega-3’s.  In addition, certain Atlantic salmon contain possible mercury poisoning, lowering consumer interest even further.

Men’s Health Daily Vitamin

This is the granddaddy of them all and has a pill the size of an egg to provide it.  All of the essential nutrients are packed into one consumable pill that includes vitamin A through E with K in the mix as well.  The vitamin B usually includes B6 and B12, which are both essential to nerve and blood cells activity within the body.

Although you are not receiving some recommended IU totals with one multivitamin, the benefits of consuming just for one day will have a dramatic effect on your health in the future.  You will find yourself more energetic in the morning, fighting off bacterial infections and viruses easily, and functioning with greater alertness.


This one is the supplement that you may want to hide in the back of a pill cabinet because it does have an alarming, but necessary purpose.  Boron is used to protect a male’s prostate and has shown some significant results in the past.  Men with high boron intakes are 65% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men with lower levels.  Consume about 3 mg a day and you are on your way to a cancer-free prostate.

Folic Acid

This pill, at about 500 mcg a day, will help lower cholesterol build up in the arteries by decreasing triglycerides and will promote blood flow throughout the body.  Increased circulation is important as we age because arteries, veins, and blood vessels tend to tighten or clog due to an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet.  In addition, folic acid is said to cut Alzheimer’s disease because research shows that patients with Alzheimer’s have folic acid deficiencies.

Green Tea Extract

The benefits of a nice cup of green tea are endless, but many of us don’t have time or will-power in the morning to produce a cup.  Green tea provides natural caffeine to the body and is found by doctors as a safer alternative to the habit causing coffee binge.  Green tea extract is a great way to start your morning off as a substitution to a large cup of coffee; make sure to take it with plenty of water and in moderation.  It will also help with weight loss and fat burning.


As you age, the cartilage in your joints seem to vanish with each waking moment.  Luckily, about 1000mg of glucosamine with help reverse, or at least slow down this process and allow your joints to rebuild cartilage lost through past activity.  Glucosamine may reduce stiffness and joint pain by up to 25% if used consistently.


For all of the men struggling with hair loss and MPB (male pattern baldness), biotin is said to help to slow this process.  Although there is no true cure for male pattern baldness, biotin is known to strengthen hair, skin, and nails – particularly promoting stronger hair follicles and skin elasticity.  Take one pill a day along with your multivitamin.


Most people are unaware of the power of cinnamon.  This spice is often overlooked in daily consumption because most foods do not include cinnamon as an ingredient.  Therefore, it is essential to take about 1,000 mg of cinnamon through a supplement.  Usually, the capsule is filled with cinnamon and measured for two consumptions a day – one in the morning and one at night.  You will see a boost in your metabolism as cinnamon is shown to increase metabolic function and helps to burn calories more efficiently throughout the day and during sleep cycles.

Natural Sunlight and Vitamin E

Although this is not a supplement, I had to include it on the list because it is essential to the longevity of your skin and complexion.  Most males do not care about their complexion until it’s too late and they wish for more vitamin E in their shriveled face.  Natural sunlight can be supplemented with vitamin E pills, which are one of the most potent antioxidants.  It helps with the reduction of eye diseases, heart disease, and cancer.

One of great fallacies is that sunshine will cause skin cancer.  Although extensive exposure can heighten your risk, moderate sun exposure actually helps fight cancer.  More cancer is reported in cold climates than warmer, tropical environments.

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